Meet the Team

Head Shot-Mike Carruthers.png

Mike Carruthers

Mike is a lifelong, second generation, Bexley resident and has enjoyed nearly 30 years as the top agent there, as well as Coldwell Banker King Thompson Columbus. Mike’s ongoing, impressive success is a result of a few key attributes. “I dedicate myself to my clients, working harder to ensure they receive everything they need and want. I provide them with calm and honest support. I'm their go-to expert and resource for whatever comes up. When it comes to the deal, I play hard and fair to seize the best outcome for them."

Contact Mike:
(614) 620-2640

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Forrest Neuswanger

Forrest Neuswanger’s first career was as a successful professor, teaching for 20 years in Japan and Oxford. "I enjoy Real Estate for many of the same reasons I loved teaching. I get to help support and educate all different kinds of people at a crucial time in their lives. If I do my job, I get to make a lasting difference in their life.” Forrest appreciates that clients come from many different walks of life, from first-time buyers to those looking to sell and progress to something bigger. He brings his unique brand, patience and care to all his clients.

Contact Forrest:
(614) 971-6600

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Olivia Urling

As the newest member of the Mike Carruthers Team, Olivia Urling has spent the past few years working in the real estate industry as administrative support staff. "From my experience in working in the real estate world, I understand the importance of a smooth transaction from start to finish. Purchasing or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you can make and making that process easier is my biggest goal". Olivia assists the team in transaction coordination and marketing strategies to provide clients with the best experience possible.

Contact Olivia:
(614) 551-1883